Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration

All brides wish for beautiful hairstyles on their wedding day that is both comfortable, stays in shape throughout the day and complements their look. Below we share some of our favourites alongside beautiful hair accessories.

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If you have gorgeous long locks with volume, a loose plait looks absolutely stunning! Simply style with flowers for a rustic chic look or an understated embellished headpiece to achieve pure elegance.


Felicity and Arron-145

If you’re thinking about an up-do, then a must-try is an intricately crafted headpiece, stylishly finished with a classic silk ribbon bow.

Organza? Silk? Coloured? Choose a ribbon to complement your wedding dress.

They really do transform the most simple styles into striking masterpieces!


Loose curls create an effortlessly romantic look for your wedding day and can be styled with pearl grips or an embellished comb.


Combs are incredibly versatile as they can be worn with or without a veil and are available in many different styles, from floral to crystal.


Even with shorter hair, you can achieve gorgeous curls. I love this elegant style below with a statement floral grip to add volume.

festival wedding, garden wedding, wedding hair

The staple of bridal hairstyles is the braid. They are perfect for adding interest to your style or creating the trendy relaxed boho look.



I love this vintage feel birdcage style veil with pretty floral details. It catches the light so beautifully and exudes timeless glamour!

double arrow SHOWCASE

If you’re still looking for your perfect wedding stationery shop the contemporary & stylish collections from PaperLove inc. today!

PaperLove inc

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