Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

With so many venues to choose from nowadays it can be very overwhelming in this first stage of wedding planning. Whether you are looking for hotel or barn, traditional or modern, one venue or two, below we have listed some top tips to help you make one of the most important ‘big day’ decisions.

1.Firstly and very importantly, you need to work out your guest list. Even if it is just an estimate for now, having an understanding of expected numbers will mean you don’t waste any time looking at venues that can’t accommodate your wedding party.


2. Location, location , location! You definitely don’t need to determine an exact location from the start but it’s a really good idea to discuss what you both picture as your perfect wedding location. Do you want to be close to either of your hometowns? Would you love to say your ‘I do’s’ abroad?

3. Give yourselves plenty of time. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time choosing and securing your dream venue. If you’re a couple that really have no idea what you envisage then ensure you are realistic with timeframes and potential date for your wedding. Give yourself enough time to look around as getting the right venue for you will undoubtedly be what makes everything else come together and truly give you a day to remember!

4. And here’s the BIG word that comes up frequently… BUDGET! I know this word can become very taxing but it really is essential to work out your wedding venue budget. With so many add-ons, it’s easy to lose track along the way when doing your research. Also, ensure you enquire with venues about any hidden costs such as extended licenses or additional deposits (i.e. to cover damages) as these can be things that pop up unexpectedly and sometimes very last minute… so be sure to ask these questions before it’s too late!

5. How much planning are you prepared to take on? Would you prefer to have your entire day meticulously planned by the professionals, take full control yourselves or be somewhere in the middle? Your budget may determine this for you but if you truly have your heart set on a full planning service then another option could be to have a smaller ceremony/reception and organise a separate party for all your friends and family.


Also it’s important to be aware of restrictions with some venues on their packages plus approved suppliers (in particular catering) that you have to choose from. If this doesn’t discourage you, one word of advice would certainly be to carry out your own research on their suppliers. Do a bit of digging and ensure that they will suit your needs and fulfil your expectations.

6. Finally, make a checklist of your non-negotiable’s! If you have this prepared before making enquiries with your shortlisted venues, it will help you narrow down to the perfect one for you! This could be anything from live music to fireworks to confetti, but it will ensure you don’t compromise on your dream day.

PaperLove inc. 1

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