Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping


If you are shopping for a wedding dress for your special day, there are many important factors to consider before choosing the dress that is right for you. Many brides will often see the “perfect dress” right after they have already purchased what they thought was the perfect dress and instantly have buyer’s remorse. To avoid choosing the wrong dress, or a dress that is wrong for you, keep reading as we are going to share some helpful tips on how you can make your wedding dress shopping experience a better one.



Here Are Our Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping…

Know How Much You Want To Spend

Going overbudget on your wedding dress can mean sacrificing other aspects of your wedding. While you want to find the perfect dress for your special day, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Knowing how much you want to spend before shopping for a wedding dress will help you stay on budget.

Shop Early

Many brides will wait until last minute to purchase certain items for their wedding but the dress should never be one of them. Shop early, at least eight months before your special day, to ensure that you get the dress you want and that there is time for any alterations that might be needed.

Decide What You Like

This is important because your own personal style dictates the type of dress you will look good in. You also want to ensure that the type of dress you choose matches the theme of your wedding. Something elegant with a long train would not be a good choice for a beachfront wedding just as a modern, Avant Garde dress won’t look right if the rest of your wedding is traditional. Grab some wedding dress look books and keep them with you wherever you go so you will always have them to look at and decide upon.


Make Appointments

You want to schedule your fitting as soon as you know which dress you want and that means calling ahead to ensure that the bridal salon has the dress you want in stock and in your size. This is important as many dresses are pre-order only and this can affect your choice in dresses.

Accessorise Your Look

Chances are, you already have your wedding accessories. If so, bring them along when trying on dresses so you can get a feel for what you will look like as you walk down the aisle. Sometimes, your accessories won’t match your dress or vice versa and you will have to decide which you like better.

Listen To The Experts

We have all been to weddings where we are left wondering just what the bride was thinking when she chose her dress. While the choice of wedding dress is ultimately up to you, listen to the experts at the bridal salon. They have fitted thousands of women for wedding dresses and they know what looks good and what doesn’t. They might even help you find a dress that you didn’t know existed or that you didn’t think you would look good in.

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