The World’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

Beach Honeymoon : Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii, beach

WHY GO: The island’s crystal clear waters, white sand, tropical sunsets and luscious greenery make Hawaii an ideal location for your beach honeymoon.

WHERE TO STAY: Montage Kapalua Bay (one-bedroom suite from £600 per night, Excellent service and a balcony with each suite.

WHAT TO DO: Apart from endless beach relaxation and Hawaiian cocktail sipping, there are also some incredible things to do on this picture perfect island….


Take a scenic walk along the stunning coastline.


Hire a boat or book a coastal tour to really capture the beauty of the island.


Swim with a sea turtle on a Maui Eco-Tour.


Watch a truly extraordinary sunset from a local beach bar.

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Adventure Destination : Sri Lanka


WHY GO: Sri Lanka offers a fantastic mix of breathtaking scenery, safaris and culture. It is also only a 90 minute plane journey to the Maldives if you wanted to include a stay at one of the many tropical luxurious honeymoon resorts.

WHERE TO STAY: Lake Lodge Boutique Hotel (from £200 per night, Small exclusive hotel in the quaint village of Kandalama.

WHAT TO DO: Sri Lanka is perfect for your adventure must-do list. With sites dating back more than 2000 years alongside the beautiful landscape and the Sinharaja Rain Forest (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) Sri Lanka will certainly give you a honeymoon of wonderful memories and experiences to cherish….


Sigiriya is ideal for walking & climbing.


Spend the day with elephants at Minneriya National Park.


Take a journey along the railway and admire the captivating views.


Visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla, a world heritage site.

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Romantic Getaway : Bora Bora, French Polynesia


WHY GO: Bora Bora is a place honeymoon fantasies are made of. With a mountainous landscape surrounded by a vibrant lagoon and beautiful coral reefs, this is sure to be one of the most romantic locations you can visit.

WHERE TO STAY: Four Seasons Resort (Overwater bungalows from £750 per night, Spectacular location and luxurious accomodation

WHAT TO DO: The serenity of Bora Bora is by far what makes this destination extraordinary and romantic. If you desire a quiet place to unwind after your wedding, here is where your dreams will come true….


Experience complete relaxation in a overwater bungalow.


Escape on the perfect boat for two and explore the lagoon.



Indulge in the ultimate luxury a couples pamper package.

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City Escape : Florence, Italy


WHY GO: Florence is brimming with stunning architecture, incredible history and delicious Tuscan cuisine.

WHERE TO STAY: J.K Place (from £350 per night, Centrally located elegant Italian townhouse.

WHAT TO DO: Whilst you could just aimlessly wander the old streets of Florence and discover so many wonderful cafes, galleries and scenic spots, below are few things Florence is famous for….



The cathedral (Duomo di Firenze) is Florence’s most iconic landmark.


Stroll across the medieval Ponte Vecchio famously noted for still having shops open along it.


Florence is a shopping destination; from local authentic crafts to luxury boutiques.


Discover colourful Tuscan rooftop bars and restaurants.


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